Squadron Leader Alister Douglas "Johnny" Atkinson





1942. Sgt Pilot Johnny Atkinson.






1942. Sgt. Pilot Johnny Atkinson alongside his Hampden bomber..

Crew photo below:

Welford- WOP/AG. Bailey-Navigator. Atkinson-Pilot. Tytherleigh-AG.

Welford. Bailey and Atkinson survived the war. Tytherleigh was lost on the Dams raid.




One of the 50 squadron Hampdens the Alister flew in.

21st Aug 41, Posted to 50 sqdn. from 25 OTU


September 41...

12th,  Gardening. 15th,  Hamburg.  20th, Berlin.  30th, Bloehm and Voss Factory.


12th, Huls. 20th, Kiel. 23rd, Bremen. 29th, Schipol Airfield. 31st,  Hamburg.

6th, Gardening. 8th, Essen.


27th, Gun Battery, Rugsundo Island.

January 42....

2nd, Gardening.  6th, Munster.  9th, Brest. 10th, Schillig Weser. 26th, Hanover. 28th, Munster.


7th, Gardening. 12th, Battleships, (Prinz Eugen, Gneisenau) 24th, Schillig Weser.


3rd, Renault Works Paris. 8th, Essen. 10th, Essen. 13th, Cologne.


12th, Nickelling. 16th, Nickelling. 19th, Gardening. 

16th, Gardening.  30th, Cologne. 

1st, Essen. 6th, Emden.

20th, Posted to 29 OTU.

                                                         Saturday, 12th Septembver 1942.

                                        He was serving at North Uffenham at the time of his wedding.

The wedding of Pilot Officer Atkinson

Many years later his son Andrew found a short note. handwritten, by Sgt. Tytherliegh which he found inside a gold propelling pencil.

Andrew believes that this was given to his father after their tour of duty with 50 sqdn.