These are the memorials associated with Bomber Command and the Squadrons association.

Lincolnshire has long been known as "Bomber County" and The Lord Leiutenent of Lincolnshire, Tony Worth is launching a campaign for lincolnshire to have its own memorial. It is intended that this memorial will be sited on the ridge near to RAF Waddington. As more information becomes available we will keep you advised.

Statues in the Bomber Command memorial

The Bomber Command Memorial was unveiled on 28th June 2012 by Her majesty The Queen.

The event was attended by veterans from all around the world, including our own President MRAF Sir Michael Beetham, who was a major driving force behind the memorial.

Birchwood Memorial

The No.50 & No.61 Squadrons Associations Memorial at birchwood is within the city boundary but at the time the airfield was built that area was within the parish of Skellingthorpe, hence RAF Skellingthorpe. After its closure in 1946 the airfield and surrounding area was transferred to within the city boundary for developement as a housing estate.

Skellingthorpe Memorial

The Skellingthorpe Memorial in the village of the same name was erected by the people of the village in recognition of their close links with the airfield and the association.