The links detailed below are a mine of information regarding the aircraft of the two Squadrons and also useful in communicating information.

This web site is dedicated to RAF Syerston and 61 Squadron whilst serving there. Published by Michael Vaughan, whose Great Uncle Ernest Corbett was killed in Lancaster W4244.  This link tells the story of Fred Gardiner in his own words. (Grateful to Lin Malt, Freds daughter for the story) This website is about the casualties of aircrafts in the second World War.The project was created to provide a platform for historians. They can publish their informationfrom original documents, books, news paper etc. We developed a massive database which is easyto use so the information can be shared to all. You can discuss about the database information inthe forum.This project lives from all to provide best information.The period of the casualties of aircrafts is restricted from year 1935 to 1945. About all seats ofwar and parts of the air forces in the second World War can be discussed. This site is an open forum for questions and answers on all aspects of 50 and 61 squadrons. Registration is needed to get involved, but there are a lot of people out there with a lot of information.

 Canadian Lanc Enjoy this video of a trip in the canadian Lancaster.

This will take you to a page where you can download and print an application for your own or a close relatives service records. Please note this is only available to ex service personnel and close relatives or those with a power of attorney etc. An organisation that stages reunions each year for veteran aircrews. The scheme links Veterans with volunteer pilots to fly them from local airfields to an annual reunion. This year (2013) it is being staged at RAF Conningsby.

For association members who are ex V-Force, there is a web site and details of the next reunion in 2014. You can get details at "V-Force Reunion"