Within this page we hope to compile an archive of wartime pictures of the two squadrons. If you have any war time photos that you think would be suitable, please email them via the contact page

61 Squadron 1938 with Belenheims (Courtesy Jack Lawrence)
61 Squadron October 1940 (Courtesy of Andrew Schofield)
Reverse of 61 Squadron Ocober 1940
61 Squadron RAF Hemswell March 1941
61 Squadron with Manchester, March 1942. (Courtesy Mathew Chivers)
61 Squadron 1943
Ref March ORB's 50 Squadron, RAF Skellingthorpe, 13 March 1945
61 Squadron, RAF Skellingthorpe, March 1945
50 Squadron (Courtesy of Barbara Gurney)
61 Squadron Ansons (Courtesy Jack Lawrence)

This picture and the one below shows NF922, VN-U of No.50 Squadron with crew members. Although there is more than the standard crew, the 3 at the front are from the left Bob Baber navigator, Frank Turner mid upper, and ginger Lee rear gunner.
At the back is Ginger franklin bomb aimer, Geoff Carslake W/OP Bill Endean pilot and Tom Hall flight engineer. The other two are the ground crew.

Same aircraft and same people as above but stood in front of VN-U. 

It is suspected that this is taken in the winter of 1944 or 1945 at Skellingthorpe.

VN-T the aircraft of Sqn/Ldr Bill Drinkell being de-iced on disperasal at Skellingthorpe

ED 860; QR-N

This photo of aircraft taken on 30 Dec 1943. The writing at bottom give Lat & Long of its position. Supplied by Des Collings it is believed to be a photo of his cousins aircraft DV375.

This picture supplied by Bill Jackman of him and his crew standing beside their aircraft PB596.

The late Doug Gregory (Top right) and his crew

AE116 of 50 Squadron being recovered at Waddington. Wally Layne was a crew member on this aircraft.

Although not related to No.50 or No.61 Squadrons this is a wonderful picture of a Stirling Squadron readying for duty as tugs on D-Day

Graham Stokes MUG, Peter Hawkins BA, George Wilkie RG, Bill Burns Pilot, Tom Croally Nav, William Dixon WO.

The original crew of QR-F, LM274 in front of a Wellington, they were later joined by Len Hume Taylor FE, to form the seven man crew for the Lancaster.

Courtesy of Terry Dixon, this shows his father William Charles Dixon (Far left) with the rest of the crew. The others are Bob Wake, Bill Burns, Tom Croally, Len Taylor, sitting, George Wilkie and Graham Stokes.

LL842 was known as "Phyllis Dixey" a famous burlesque artist. Lost on a raid to Stuttgart 24/25 July 1944

                                             March 1945 RAF Skellingthorpe.

                                      John Lawrey's crew behind VN-L LOVE.

James Flowers, R/G.Jack Morrison, Nav. Arthur Smith, F/E. Henry Flowers, M/U/G. infront of   Frank Wallis, B/A. John Lawrey, Pilot. H.W. Kent,W/O/P.

Handley Page Hampden - 61 Squadron - Hemswell July 1940 - P4379 - Lost 12/13 August 1940 during "Razzling" operation.

Hampdens of 50 Squadron

                                            50 squadron July 1944.  "HE(I)LL FOR ADOLF" 

                                                                    "STICKY  TARGET TONIGHT BOYS"

                                             "ATTENTION 50 SQUADRON, 'SCRAMBLE'"






" '50' IN ACTION ?!!!? " 








Wg Cmdr Gus Walker (C.O. of 50 Sqn) and his Hampden crew at Lindolme 1941
50 Squadron Lancaster VN-N
VN-N of 50 Squadron
Lancasters at Skellingthorpe
Lancaster BII with Hercules VI of 61 Sqn. January 1943
Armstrong Whitworth FK8 of 50 Squadron
Image showing a Lancaster over Hilers mountain retreat at Obersaltzberg. Courtesy of Terry Barber