On 9th September 2016 a remembrance service was held to remember the crews of two aircraft. The crew of Whitley T4279 KN-F of the 77 squadron, and the crew of Lancaster W4769 QR-V of the 61 squadron.

Relatives were gathered to lay wreaths in remembrance of the crews. Laying a wreath on behalf of the association were the family of Flight engineer Sgt Davis, Mr Barry Davis (Son) and Mr. Gavin Davis (grandson). The local service was organised by Mark Hakvort who contacted the farmers, the Historic Association of the Wieringermeer and the local Government Hollands Kroon.

Sadly the two complete crews where KIA. Both bombers crashed about 1000 meter of each other.

The remembrance at midday was for

the Whitley crew T4279 KN-F of 77 Squadron (crash date 1941 June 13)

Pilot Sergeant DK McFarland
Pilot Sergeant KR Wainwright
Obs: P/O GV Heslop
Wop: Sergeant LS Dyer
Wop: Sergeant DHJ Pingel

and the Lancaster crew W4769 QR-V of 61 Squadron (crash date 1943 January 3). 

Lancaster crew W4769 QR-V of the 61 squadron:
Pilot ........ Flight Sergeant RM Bird
Flight Engineer ...... Sergeant Davis
Navigator ..... Pilot Officer HJR Tickle
Air bomber ...... Sergeant SJ Inglis
Wireless Operator ..... Sergeant RJ Kee (RCAF)
Air Gunner ...... Sergeant RC Gait
Air Gunner ...... Sergeant LG Gunning

The local cemetery of Middenmeer 

The laying of the wreaths was followed by the Last Post

Relatives and organisers together after the service

Further details of the service can be seen by clicking on the following link;