Lancaster R5703

Lancaster R5703 memorial at Gunthorpe Nottinghamshire. This aircraft took off from RAF Syerston to attack Wismar. As the Lancaster cleared the runway, the immersion switch on the dinghy activated, causing it to break free and foul the tail plane. A shallow dive commenced and the bomber hit the ground 1 mile NE of Gunthorpe, Nottingham.

Lancaster R5703 was a Mk 1 and the crew were;

  • S/Ldr G E Weston
  • Sgt F G Bellchambers    Flight Engineer
  • P/O L G Gallaway          Air Gunner
  • F/O J E Hanson             WOp/AG
  • P/O G A Hawes             Navigator
  • Sgt J M Ramsay            Air Bomber
  • Sgt J M Robinson          Air Gunner