James Flowers and Family were invited by the Commanding Officer of the BBMF to visit the flight. Below are pictures of that visit.

Squadron Leader Andy Millikin is C.O. of the BBMF, and his Grandfather Doug Millikin flew a tour with 50 Sqn from RAF Skellingthorpe.

James in full flow talking to Sqdn Ldr A. Millikin, O.C. BBMF, Sqdn Ldr(retired) Chris Sayers, ex. BBMF C.O..

The Flowers Family and friends.

James with FLt Parkinson. BBMF Pilot.







There you are, that was my work place




James with Wife Eunice








Great Grandson Lewis.









Proud Grandson, Steven and Lewis Flowers.





Great, great nephew Owen Wright.





With Brenda Wright.





Dad and mum with two sons Philip and Robert.




BBMF entertaining visiting veteran.