Only 34 Bomber Command Lancaster Bombers completed more than 100 operations during WW11, of these 5 were with No.50 and No.61 Squadrons.

ED860 QR-N "Nan" of 61 Sqn completed 130 operations. Crashed on take-off 28 October 1944 on a raid to BergenAlso served with 156 Squadron.


EE176 QR-M "Mickey the Moocher" of 61 Squadron completed 128 operations. Retired and scrapped.


Also served with 7 Squadron, 97 Squadron and BOAC Training facility.


ED588 VN-G of 50 Squadron completed 128 operations. Failed to return on 30 August 1944 from a raid to Konigsburg. Also served with 97 Squadron.


JB138 QR-J "Just Jane" of 61 Squadron completed 120 operations. Scrapped.

Also served with No.5 Lancaster Finishing School and No.4 School of Technical Training.


LL843 of 61 Squadron completed 118 operations. Scrapped 7 May 1947. Also served with 467 Squadron, 1659 CU, 279 Squadron and 20 MU.