Are You One in a Million?

During WW2 over a million men and women, from over 60 different nations, served or supported Bomber Command.

The IBCC is being built to ensure that their stories are told and so that generations to come can learn of their bravery, dedication and the struggle for recognition post-war.

The project, which was launched in 2013, unveiled the first physical element of the project, the Spire Memorial and Walls of Names, in October 2015 with an audience of 2,600 guests including 312 WWII Bomber Command veterans, thought to be the largest gathering since 1945.

The IBCC has already raised over £2 million in private donations and is awaiting the outcome of an Heritage Lottery Fund delivery grant to cover the exhibition design, community engagement and digital archive development costs. However, and most importantly, the Trust still needs to fund the building of the Chadwick Centre, which will house the exhibition, archive and education facilities.

To raise the £3.8 million needed to build the centre the IBCC is launching a major fundraising campaign with the support of celebrities such as Dan Snow, Carol Vordeman, Dame Judi Dench and John Sergeant during January. Entitled “Are You One in a Million?”, the campaign aims to get 1 million people to donate at least £3 plus gift aid.