Arthur John Aldridge

Arthur served at RAF Skellingthorpe as an Engine Fitter.

After receiving his call up letter he chose to join the R.A.F. but  colour blindness prevented him from training as a pilot so when he joined on 20th November 1941 it was to train as a flight mechanic. They marched every day 2 miles there and back to attend the course, which lasted for 3 months. After eighteen months of getting fit on the beaches of Blackpool, where he celebrated his 21st birthday, he was sent to Lincoln for target training and then onto RAF Skellingthorpe and Barnby. Here he worked on the Lancaster Bomber and the Lysander as an engine fitter. He flew in both a Lysander and a Martinet and also a Lancaster Bomber which he managed to get a lift on that was flying down to Kent. In 1946 he did a spell in the Azures, he flew there in a Dakota, whilst there they worked on the Wellington bombers, most of the American crews had gone home. Their journey home was by a large and then a smaller boat, it took 4 days to get to Liverpool, and a train to Hampshire. After several months they flew to Scotland in a Halifax Bomber and soon after were demobbed.

Arthur did two stints at RAF Skellingthorpe. during his service he served at various stations;




He was a member of the British Legion which he was enlisted into by his Father in 1944 and served as a Poppy organiser for 42 years.He was member of the 50 & 61 Squadrons association and the Friends of RAF Skellingthorpe.

In 1966 he was invited to RAF Waddington to celebrate the 50 Anniversary of the Squadron.

Arthur passed away at 102 years old on Saturday 30th September 2023 following an accident. 

Photo left shows him with a picture of the Queen on his 100th birthday.