Flying Officer H.William Enoch

Left to right:

Top row. Harry Southcott A/G. J.Hugh (Jock) B/A.

Middle row: G.Pritchard (Patch) F/E. Andy George Nav. Ezra Goymer A/G.

Bottom row: William Enoch Pilot. EddieGarstang WOP.






Ezra Goymer paints the 116 bombing operation symbol onto the fuselage of VN-G as the rest of the crew look on.

Ivor's crew pose for a picture on top of their aircraft with two members of VN-G's ground staff.:

top row. lst, member of ground staff. then Patch. Joe. Harry. Andy.

bottom: member of ground staff.


Top row:

Tom F/E. Bill Pilot. Ezra A/G. Patch F/E.

Bottom row:

Eddie WOP.Andy Nav.Joe B/A.

Harry AG.





Ezra aged 20. Taken in 1942 during aircrew training.


ED 588 VN-G George

Her first operation with 50 Squadron was a trip to Berlin on 27/28 March 1943.

Flying Officer H.William Enoch was the pilot on her 124th, a Night sortie to Koenigsburg, Norway on 26/27 44.

This being F/O Enoch's 23 operations in George.


After Enoch and crew completed their 23 and last op. in George a new crew took over the aircraft.

Two nights later F/O A.H.Carter and crew took her for a trip to Halsinborg.

ED 588 VN-G crashed at Halsinborg, Sweden. Reason unknown. All the crew are buried there.